Monday, 26 September 2011

Budget Blues: Incorrect Spending and Ridiculous Spending Cuts

The Budget is a bore, most of the times if not all of the times. We sit and pretend to listen to reports on the complicated numbers and division of  those numbers among Ministries, hearing words such as Expenditure, Spending, Cuts, Capital A and B, Supplementary, etc. We have gotten to the point where not even the ‘Budget Debate’ is Important us as a society, although the decisions made by our leaders will affect each and every one of us in some way or other.
Is it that we trust our leaders to make these ‘Critical’ choices without our voices heard? On the contrary we could not be less concerned about what the Government does with our money; if we have to tighten our belts on our family’s budget so should the Government on the Country’s Budget, right?

But should you be afraid, Very afraid of this fiscal year Budget?

If you’re a Progressive anywhere in the world and your country is experiencing a economical down turn your mind automatically switches to Infrastructure and Short Term Development Project to revive the spending capabilities of your citizens but if you’re a hard-line conservative you will follow the crowd and shout ‘Spending Cuts’ and ‘Tax Breaks for Top Earners’ from mountain tops to skyscrapers accepting no other positions but your own, while holding the middle class and poor hostage as if you’re a suicide bomber, like the Tea Party in the ‘Debt Ceiling Battle’ in Washington D.C. USA, earlier this year. Jamaica has a hard-line conservative political party called, The Jamaica Labour Party.

Now here is the ‘Be very afraid part’, the Hon. Audley Shaw, Minister of Finance; star of the JLP economics, has taken a if I dare say it ‘Hill and Gully ride’ approach to this budget; increasing spending and mercilessly cut expenditure on across the board in his supplementary budget present on August 30, 2011. Obviously the Hill represents the spending hikes, while the Gully; cuts. If you don’t enjoy ‘Hill and Gully rides’, this should scare you, Minister Shaw budget includes: A $2.1-billion net increase, a $4.4 billion increase in spending on the recurrent side, a $2.4 billion cut in capital expenditure. But what does it all mean?

It means, those affected including Ministry of Energy and Mining, which lost $860 million allocated to the Petrojam refinery update and $50 million of the $450 million which had been allocated to the Rural Electrification Project. The Ministry of Education that lost $800 million from its capital budget, practically stalling construction of two high schools and one primary school, a School of Hospitality and Tourism Management and joint National Youth Service/Youth Information Centre offices.

So, Conservatism meet Conservatism; the budget is essential built around paying the public workers, whom deserve to get paid, but at the same destroying projects that would employ workers and improve our infrastructure and Education system. Spending cuts are necessary but spending by the Government in a developmental manner is essential as well in the functioning of a stable economy. If you’re afraid of this conservative dial tone of a budget, take comfort in China, Ha?

Question to the People: Will this Budget be able to get us out of the slump, with so much Cuts and incorrect spending?’

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Homeless Politicians

Government out of Gordon House for the First Time in 49 Years

While the rest of us went about our daily businesses yesterday, most of us from our homes; where our earthly comforts made starting the day easier, knowing that at the end of the day we had the ability to return, while others who are unfortunately not so lucky to own homes or a comfortable place to rest, didn’t feel so lonely in that regard yesterday because for the first time in 49 years after independence our parliament met in another building other than Gordon House, making them; yes!Homeless.

Homeless you say, this cannot be they are still in a building; but as much as it is unbelievable it is true to the fact that a House of Parliament or Congress (in case of the U.S.A), is the unofficial residence of a politician because most of their political life is spent representing the ‘people’ in parliament hence the term Member of Parliament (M.P.). You may not be convinced yet, so in my attempt to bring you to the “Homeless Politician” side, I will use numbers: a senator may work 60 hours a week (thats double the normal work week in a normal economy) and Politicians only get 5.2 hours of sleep.

But what stood out yesterday was the apparent politicking concerning the need of incorporating the public into the temporary space at the Jamaica Conference Center, members fired rhetoric    
Across the room proclaiming “This is the peoples Government” said Andrew Holness leader of Government business; ‘You can take the Politician out of Parliament, but you can’t take the Parliament out of the Politician’. I for one truly believe that they have really become the people’s government even more so than the Peoples National Party, the semi-glorified party of poverty, The Jamaica Labour Party has finally found their demographic, the 'Homeless'; back in 2010 the number of ‘Homeless Jamaicans’ was at 650 Jamaican adults and 800 or so children and adolescents without a permanent roof over their heads, total 1500 Jamaicans, going at this rate we will reach almost 3000 'People' on the streets by 2012. Which Happens to be the next General Election where the 'People' vote. Yeah! Look at that 3000 votes on the backs of the Jamaican people.

And, if comparing the position of Politicians to the real ‘Homeless Jamaicans’ is insensitive to you, then I apologize for shinning some amount of light on our politicians obsession with the people, at least the people that are able to vote, in the words of Hon. Andrew Holness “This is the Peoples Government”, so let in the people even those who aren’t as fortunate to have a homes; they still are Jamaicans but without a doubt as our politicians bravely cope the harsh times outside of their shelter of Gordon House in a similar building as furnished, I hope they remember the true Homeless and take this time to be Anti-Gordon House and more Pro-Jamaicans.

Question to the People: Is This Government Truly,"The People's Government"?