Wednesday, 3 June 2015

"irrelevant relics" Abound: Mirror, Mirror... Mr. Davies

As one of the most popular fairy tales gave us a most interesting question that I insist on utilizing with a tweak Mr Editor as to add a bit of lightness

As the fairy tale goes, a evil queen had a magical mirror that she enchanted to ensure that she was the most beautiful in all the land, to activate the this mirror's power she every so chanted "mirror, mirror on the wall, whose the fairest of them all" and the mirror would reply. Allow me to introduce a Jamaican patios rendition of the chant, it goes: 

"Mirrow, Mirrow inna di pauliment, hoo yuh tink is the most irrelevant relic haf dem all" and the mirror replies, "any numbah can play sah", the mirror would have a hard time pinpointing any single member of this current parliament, with many of them constantly proving their irrelevance by presiding over mismanaged assets, projects and practically destroying lives, like many of the FINSAC survivors can relate.

In all seriousness, the insult that Minister Omar Davies decided to hurl was nothing short of a general perception that many - if not all - Jamaicans of the aging parliament - including Gordon House itself.

These “relics” have long been in cruise mode, having reached their professional limits with all the assurance of being reelected being granted by the curry goat and beer supporters, why expect should we believe that they have more to offer?

Stronger Youth Influence

we continue to discuss whether or not elected representation should be limited on amount of terms that can be served, we must also seek to reach out to the youth leaders within our communities and encourage to be apart of the process, if not a party candidate , a independent or third party candidate.

We the youth must avail ourselves to the opportunities that lie within the political and governance process, it may be tainted making unsavory as a area of interest for most young people. Its disappointing that the youth arms from both side continue display nothing but there willingness to apart of the problem and not the solution.

We independent youths, especially those with political aspirations should stop seeking validity from political parties, be them young professionals or old guard but rather create our own importance by representing the voices of the youth in such away that the powers that be will take note of our influence.