Friday, 12 October 2012

Loud and Clear: There Goes Joe

There Goes JOE

VP Joe Biden went "Rocky"on Young Congressman Paul "Granny Killer" Ryan's, Tuckus.

Style Over Fashion

The pure dismissive heat that VP Biden smile's and laughter invoked, was felt through the screen of my television and I was assured then that he understood the situation completely: the mission was to "Call Them Out" and as he said "Fact Matters". Joe Biden's words "Came out right" and he was a hard hitter. 

Paul Ryan was locked in an unmovable state of "National Emo/Goth Depression" he seemed like a overworked gloomy Giant Corp executive  and it wasn't digestible by any standard. Ryan was stunned by the tenacity of the VP and found himself sometimes tripping over his defenses and kept landing into his glass of water for refreshment (maybe it had a drop of rum for his head ache).

Mission: "Call Them Out"

There was no page left unread after that debate was completed, which got complicated at times but the important point is who got in the most hooks and anchors and that was VP Biden, he sent across his message well, he related to the normal people (the 47%) in the streets who saw Ryan as a "Politician", the best moment came when he was caught as a "Politician", for  those who didn't know that Paul Ryan sent letters to the Obama Admin for stimulus money, now they do, but Ryan called the stimulus a "Waste of Tax payers Money"

The issue of Foreign Policy and especially "Wars", was a major sticking point for the Ryan/Romney (yes, Ryan/Romney) Ryan was tutored on Iran and the Nuclear process which he attempted to "Fear Monger" and insinuate an Apocalyptic situation.  We are not sure where they stand on the 2014 withdrawal of all U.S. troops in Afghanistan but we do know they believe that the U.S.A should have more troops in the line of combat while the Afghan Military does nothing in their own country, there was no answer to VP Biden question: "Would you rather American Troops do the job than the Afghans?" -Congressman Ryan reminded us in his rebuttal that "the Calendar works the same each year" - Um. Yes Congressman it does - unless you decide to enact a policy to change winter into summer, the Congressman that became a GOD.

Speaking of God and Religion, the social issue of Abortion was raised not as a Policy but as a question of personal faith which saw both candidates get into a sober mood making their answers as " heavyhearted" as possible but VP Biden wanted to confirm his faith and believes but separated it from his policy stance "I wont force my doctrine on anyone else" then proceeded to hit Ryan on his co-authored "Person-hood Policy" which would criminalize Abortion for all cases , Paul Ryan attempted to spin away from his record "stating that "Abortion should be allowed for special cases".

The Gloves came off and Ryan went down, after his futile attempt to mislead the world was designated: "A Bunch of Malarkey" then the uppercut came from the ultimate Flipper Zinger: "Oh, Now your're Jack Kennedy" we were just hoping that Paul Ryan would tap out but he stayed for punishment and it didn't end well. The next move belongs to President Obama to put this election to Bed at the next Presidential Debate. Its time for the USA to use their "common sense" to vote for the future of the world and not just the future of the U.S. - Its their Votes but Our Future.


Politically Speaking

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Monday, 8 October 2012

Sunday SoundOff: At The F'ing Crossroads

At The F'ing Crossroads

"This is the generation that is heading towards a new Jamaican Reality"

Sounding Off:From a feeling of "Profound Hopelessness" in Jamaica, not the regular doom and gloom that comes with the daily crime, without the Ity and Fancycat show, Olympic and IAAF World Championship to keep our minds occupied from acts of terror that the older generation claim to be the End Times (ask my Grandma).

This Hopelessness has a dash of anger, hate, vengeance with a whiff of homophobia and anarchy. Over the past few months I have tried to guide my readers in a few articles on how the "Jamaican Reality" of Poverty and Violence has been pushing the Population closer to the edge of "Oblivion",  This entire year of our 50th Independence has been filled with Issues that could fill the next 50, from dealing with Lotto Scammers, extrajudicial killings,  Sexual Offensives and High rate of Mob Justice to Reforming the Tax and Pension systems; now Student Loan Meltdown and slump in the currency. 

We find ourselves at the cross roads of National Identity and Prosperity, The question is "What is the Jamaican Reality" -  I have no Idea but I will explain it as liberally as possible.

Jamaicans for the longest time have unanimously in a national consensus decided to be a "It doesn't concern me" kind of people and that hustling at all times must trump activism unless "it does concern me, directly", we have been sitting in the filth of bad governance and governments, we have neglected to act as a democracy to fix the issues at hand and we have given control to the corrupt, bashful and criminal few. 

Jamaicans born before the late 80's will give way for the 90's generation reaching full adulthood, this generation is "At The F'ing Crossroads". Failing to recognize our shortcoming in every area of society now will sooner than later result in an gradual breakdown of the social structure.

The perception that you have been abandoned by your elected officials, is covering the dim light of hope in our minds and being reinforced by the Media and Conservative Religious community (filling the pews,feeding on the hopelessness), there is already a state of "Over-Entitlement" and when Government doesn't deliver short term we cry "Change of Government"  hoping the next Party will give us, what we don't want to work for.

The populous is seeking guidance from a source, any source - that will point the way and pay for the journey, we can't just sit idly by while each segment of the population wander, the change must start from the top to be effective; If it boils over from the heat of the bottom, it will get messy and unnecessarily complex. I have dubbed it: "The Jamaican Revolution" and Constitutional reform must be at the core of this Revolution, starting with the Governmental Structure and Processes - a decentralized government is an Effective government with a wider reach - Gordon House isn't Jamaica.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

The Top Mid-Week Talkers: The Mitts and Fables that were Told

The Mitts and Fables That Were Told

How Mitt Romney, Possibly Lied his way to The Presidency?

The Mitt Willard Romney we all have come to dislike and discount as a president was unmistakably not present at the first U.S. Presidential Debate for 2012 and the Barack Obama that mesmerized the entire worn in 08 and worked to reverse the mistake of the Bush era policies that caused a Global crisis was seemingly on a Presidential stay from the Debate at hand.  

From the off set Mitt Romney knew that he had to be on the offensive position and but President Obama on his heels with unmeasured attacks on his economic record and play with the liability factor that a sitting President must face. The issues of debate were centered around the Economy, the single most important issue in this election and the issue that Romney hoped would carry him directly to the White House but unfortunately for him the battle is an uphill one and the Presidents policies aren't seen as unpopular as he thought.

The President tried sticking to Romney the unlikable Facts of his running platform, most questionably his stance on Taxes, Romney has ran quite strongly on his plan that would lower the tax bracket to 20%  rate that would give the US a 5 trillion dollar deficit according to the non-partison - Tax Policy Center - but in the debate he said "I don’t have a $5 trillion tax cut. … I’m not looking for a $5 trillion tax cut. … Let me repeat what I said. I’m not in favor of a $5 trillion tax cut. That’s not my plan.”

For more Debunking, Check:

Secondly, Mitt Romney as Governor of  Massachusetts crafted a successful bill that has over 90% of the children in his insured, which is the Grandfather Obama's Affordable Care Act. Romney has repeated nauseously that he would "Repeal Obamacare" and has now added "and Replace It" with something much more similar to a private free for all, once again the "Master of Flip" didn't just repeat his conservative talking point but he lubriciously and quite hilariously, to the horror of Republicans replaced Obamacare with - wait for it- Obamacare or Romneycare - "there are good parts of Obamacare and I wont change the fundamentals of the bill"

Romney has Place himself between a Lie and a Lie, We hope that the Chattering class will point out the errors and forced truths that Gov. Romney has pushed without remorse and indignation and correct for the population to digest. Obama didn't totally lose the debate as he got Romney to Flip on camera and I'm sure there will be an assault from the Obama camp using these Flipping Moments to break the Romney advance.

This will be the moment when we look back and not just say "This is where Obama lost the election" but when Americans decided to elect a blatant liar for a President, a man without a Backbone and Malleable stature that will drag the U.S.A back to the days of Iraq Invasion, Wall St Apocalypse and Healthcare crisis.