Friday, 12 October 2012

Loud and Clear: There Goes Joe

There Goes JOE

VP Joe Biden went "Rocky"on Young Congressman Paul "Granny Killer" Ryan's, Tuckus.

Style Over Fashion

The pure dismissive heat that VP Biden smile's and laughter invoked, was felt through the screen of my television and I was assured then that he understood the situation completely: the mission was to "Call Them Out" and as he said "Fact Matters". Joe Biden's words "Came out right" and he was a hard hitter. 

Paul Ryan was locked in an unmovable state of "National Emo/Goth Depression" he seemed like a overworked gloomy Giant Corp executive  and it wasn't digestible by any standard. Ryan was stunned by the tenacity of the VP and found himself sometimes tripping over his defenses and kept landing into his glass of water for refreshment (maybe it had a drop of rum for his head ache).

Mission: "Call Them Out"

There was no page left unread after that debate was completed, which got complicated at times but the important point is who got in the most hooks and anchors and that was VP Biden, he sent across his message well, he related to the normal people (the 47%) in the streets who saw Ryan as a "Politician", the best moment came when he was caught as a "Politician", for  those who didn't know that Paul Ryan sent letters to the Obama Admin for stimulus money, now they do, but Ryan called the stimulus a "Waste of Tax payers Money"

The issue of Foreign Policy and especially "Wars", was a major sticking point for the Ryan/Romney (yes, Ryan/Romney) Ryan was tutored on Iran and the Nuclear process which he attempted to "Fear Monger" and insinuate an Apocalyptic situation.  We are not sure where they stand on the 2014 withdrawal of all U.S. troops in Afghanistan but we do know they believe that the U.S.A should have more troops in the line of combat while the Afghan Military does nothing in their own country, there was no answer to VP Biden question: "Would you rather American Troops do the job than the Afghans?" -Congressman Ryan reminded us in his rebuttal that "the Calendar works the same each year" - Um. Yes Congressman it does - unless you decide to enact a policy to change winter into summer, the Congressman that became a GOD.

Speaking of God and Religion, the social issue of Abortion was raised not as a Policy but as a question of personal faith which saw both candidates get into a sober mood making their answers as " heavyhearted" as possible but VP Biden wanted to confirm his faith and believes but separated it from his policy stance "I wont force my doctrine on anyone else" then proceeded to hit Ryan on his co-authored "Person-hood Policy" which would criminalize Abortion for all cases , Paul Ryan attempted to spin away from his record "stating that "Abortion should be allowed for special cases".

The Gloves came off and Ryan went down, after his futile attempt to mislead the world was designated: "A Bunch of Malarkey" then the uppercut came from the ultimate Flipper Zinger: "Oh, Now your're Jack Kennedy" we were just hoping that Paul Ryan would tap out but he stayed for punishment and it didn't end well. The next move belongs to President Obama to put this election to Bed at the next Presidential Debate. Its time for the USA to use their "common sense" to vote for the future of the world and not just the future of the U.S. - Its their Votes but Our Future.


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