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From The Editor: Obviously Obama

Obviously Obama

The Jamaican Liberal Whistle - U.S. Presidential Endorsement of Democratic Candidate President "Barack Hussein Obama"


The Writer/Editor of the this (amazing) Blog: "The Jamaican Liberal Whistler" has fallen in place with the over 96% of the U.S. and International Population on deciding on which Presidential Candidate to support for the 2012 Elections, foreseen to be a critical decision in World History. 

Why Endorse?

For those who ask - "Why should a Jamaican be Endorsing an American candidate?" - a short and simple answer is that the International Community is well represented in the United States of America and non more so than Jamaicans or "Jam-ericans" and with the current global situation the way it is, many home-landers are dependent on the those within the "Land of The Free" for remittances - again, Jamaica's Major source of foreign exchange - to support themselves, plus the future relationship between the individual countries could be affected by the Foreign Policy choices made by the "New or Renewed" Administration with Jamaica and her people having so much more to gain from a prosperous friendship with the U.S.A - Tourism  Bauxite, Investments, etc.

The decision made by "The Jamaican Whistler" Editorship  has carefully analyse the Information taking into consideration all the major Factors - Economy, Social Issues, Foreign Policy, Best Vision Forward and Solid Past with each candidates: vision and history, scrutinized to make an informed and credible decision for the readers. There is no doubt that this Presidential Election has been one of  the "Fiercest and Mind Numbing" in history, on the level of Economic and Social Interest, so adding a secure voice to all the Mix and Chatter to stable the conversation is our deepest intentions.

Read The Candidates

Gov. Mitt Willard Romney (R) 

The Republican Nominee for this year's Election is a Self-Proclaimed Business Wizard of Flip-Flopping with the "Capitalist mind of Genghis Khan" with the single intention of Privatizing Washington, The United States then Whole World - Muah ha ha ha aa - Gov. Romney was the Moderate Governor of the solid blue states of Massachusetts and Michigan with some success as his Terms has Governor.

The Most notable aspect of the Romney Aspects that stand out is his notorious dog whistle to his base to Repeal and Replace Obamacare which modeled from the Healthcare Law implemented by Romney in Massachusetts.  The Romney Team has pushed a Five Point Plan which is the centerfold of their Economic plan to "rescue' the US economy - unfortunately many economist are confused and bewildered by the exacts on How Romney intends to Lower the Deficit without raising revenue.

The Republican Nominee has swung violently towards a conservative stance on many social issues aligning himself with Todd Akins - "Legitimate Rape"  and Richard Mourdock -Rape is  Intended by God . There has been countless gaffs by the Republicans on women issues that suggest a backward stance on said issues and Mitt Romney has so far promised to get Roe v Wade reversed, eliminate funding for Planned Parenthood, suggesting he has a Pro-Life Stance but most surprising his rejection of Equal Pay for Women, passed by congress and singed by Obama - but Mitt is "Not sure If he would Sign it".

We seriously disagree with the Romney view on Climate Change and Global Warming, which was brought to forefront due to the passage of Hurricane Sandy, Romney at the Republican Convention laughed at the notion of sea levels rising - as Caribbean People living on an Island his stance is offensive and upsetting.

Mitt Romney has tried tirelessly to align himself with the "Middle Class" and the 100% of Americans, but Romney has made a unrecoverable decision behind close doors of a comfortable Mansion to disregard 47% of the "Victims" - American people who don't pay Income Tax - and like a Book we have read the message load and clear.

Mitt Romney's vision Forward is as blurry has his shape shifting past filled with Flip Flopping on critical issues that test the "heart and conviction" of a Politician. Gov. Romney has vowed to be "The Comeback Guy" but thats exactly what the world is afraid a 3rd Bush Presidency. It would be a dishonor to our readers and even our critics to Endorse Mitt Romney for any sort of Political Office.

President Barack Hussein Obama (D) 

The Democratic Nominee, up for Reelection is the First Black President of The United States of America, who won riding on the Slogans of "Hope" and "Yes We Can", it was season of pure Utopia as we watched his inauguration and settled ourselves in for the Long Haul to recovery as if the world became - One Large USA. There is no doubt that then Senator Barack Obama also believed deeply in his own message and wanted to change politics and lives, unknowing of the Economic disaster left by the previous Republican Administration.

A long life Public Servant Barack Obama isn't a Successful Business Capitalist with the knack for privatization but someone with  passion and character to choose a balance path of both Public and Private collaboration for the advancement off the American society which benefits everyone.  

As President; Barack Obama Administered over the Worst Recession since the Great Depression and the American economy is better today than it was before he took office with October 2012 - unemployment figures at 7.9% as many Analysts have reported the numbers are much better than expected - The conservativFORBES: October Jobs Report Blows Away Forecasts it has become abundantly clear that the US economy is going in the right direction with Republicans only talking point "Recovery is too slow" which it is but slowly moving in the correct direction. 

The Obama Economic plan is for the future hasn't swung much from his original plan which also involves regulations like Dodd-Frank (Wall St. and Big Bank Regulation). The critical issue that Obama has tried to deal with his executive powers is "Student Loans" which makes it easier for students to repay loans. Also Obama has focus on "green energy" initiatives to diversify  US Energy consumption with the environment a top priority.

The Affordable Healthcare Act (Obamacare) as gained the anger of the conservative right because of its far reaching laws that were designed to give everybody an opportunity to get Healthcare Insurance without the cost not been controlled solely by Insurance Company which is Universal Healthcare a Conservative Idea, that Gov. Romney state of Massachusetts was the first to pass such a law with much success - 98% of all Children Completely covered, although Mitt Romney has vowed to Repeal Obamacare, in the Debates Mitt Romney promised to replace it with Obamacare, although a much smaller version??? 

President Obama has been unprecedented on social issues that affect a broad cross section of the Population: in a single sentence Barack Obama has openly supported Gay Marriage.  
Even in deep sabbatical thought, we cant think of no other President who have stood on the side of equality for All, including the LGBT (Lesbians Gays Bisexual and Transgender) community repeal the "Don't Ask, Don.t Tell" so Gay Military members may serve their countries openly without retribution - lest we forget the Gay Soldier Booed at the Republican Primary Debate and non of the candidates rebuked such a vile treatment of a Military personnel. 
Obama's First bill signed was dedicated to women - "The Lilly LedBetter Fair Pay Act" which served as a law to ensure that women are paid the equal amounts for same work done which doubles as a great economic bill, many women have become heads of households and work just has hard as to make ends meet. 

Obama's Foreign Policy is rock-hard solid - Osama Bin Laden is dead- with the Ending of the Iraq War and soon withdrawal of troops in Afghanistan, refocusing on more technologically advance means to tackle terror with less human causalities. 

The Dream Act to ensure that children of Illegal immigrants are given the opportunity to get a good  education or serve the country that have they have called home for years has been stalled by the Republicans countless times. 

President Barack Obama has done very well with recovery efforts and response to Hurricane Sandy and his belief in the environmental issues of our Times, that Romney has Ridiculed. 

This President represents a generation of believers and Hopers, who have now come see their parents struggle to maintain a good standard of living with the probability that they might not get a college level education or even a job after college. 

The Endorsement

The USA has never been more political divided and ideologically separated but "The Jamaican Liberal Whistle" has made a bet on a Man that has shown that he always will bet on the Middle Class and the 100%, this candidate has shown remarkable balance on issues and after four years of engagement, Marriage is the Inevitable next step in this Relationship.

The Jamaican Liberal Whistle endorses President Barack Obama for another Term as The President Of The United States Of America.

Get Out And Vote on November 6, 2012 for Obama!!!!

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