Tuesday, 27 November 2012

From The Editor: Angrily Ever After

Angrily Ever After

The Jamaica Labour Party & Eternal Rejection Hereafter

The USA gears up for a Political Showdown over the looming "Fiscal Cliff" and "Tax vs. Entitlements" match-ups, both major political parties in the U.S. have made their intentions clear that compromise - would - be the absolute way forward but after an Electoral Defeat described as one for the Decades with the "Tide of the Times" against the Grand Old Party, can the Republicans get their act together without reeking of "Political-Revenge".  

The Jamaican Politico-Sphere has heated up too - not matching that of the U.S. YET - with the "Primary Political Players" trading blows and huffs over statements and actions. The first move was that of the Opposition leader, Andrew Holness at his Jamaica Labour Party's (delegates only) conference; going off on an angry shouting rant, repeatedly announcing that "They [Peoples National Party] must Go, Tired of Them" whether he meant they should emit office or completely remove all trace of their existence - considering his Teenage Styled Tantrum (who knows).  Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller, recently made the connection and contrast between she and her Predecessors, after mocking Andrew’s less than subtle performance then saying “If it was ever a Portia, do that, lord have mercy, the thing yuh woulda a here” and it’s an agreeable truth.
Before she made her reply to Holness’s rant, just days before the issue of Government Owned Vehicles came up after the reporting that the Administration recently purchased 16 sports utility vehicles (SUVs) from Toyota Jamaica for Cabinet ministers. The JLP was happy to be given such a chance to tie down the admin with fiscal irresponsibility but truth be told before leaving office the former administration sold 30 Government Issued vehicles to officials at all levels at rock bottom prices, so “Glass Houses” hold merit on this account.

Walking on the Sands of Time

We can ideologically compare and match the Republican Party and Jamaica Labour Party, both fiscal conservative with the JLP being more centre-right which probably means they are on the same path as other Conservative Parties to becoming extinct because of the shifting of the ground below their “Right-Wing” feet due to mere fact that the world we live in is increasingly becoming Socially and Economically liberal/Socialist and rejecting the modus operandi of the “Capitalist Structure” which has stifled the middle class and poor for centuries.

The Jamaican society today is confronting its reality of Inequity and Stagnation among the 99% with the constant fear of another recession and irreversible economic conditions meaning less – well-paying jobs and worsening inflation by grabbing Government at the throat; demanding accountability and action from the representatives with Civil Society and Neutral voices trying to fill the Noise Making gap that the population in general have no time to fill themselves as we are a “Hustling” set of people, organized action for solutions that don’t directly affect us (until they actually do) is not our immediate problem.

The last Election in December 2011 was as much a prosecution of the Bruce Golding led Fumble on the Dudus and Tivoli Incursion matters as it was a “Rejection” of the Hard line Conservative Fiscal Management Plan or “bitter medicine” the JLP had in mind for Jamaicans. The central message the JLP failed to communicate during the campaign cycle was that they were the bringers of “Fiscal Responsibility with the purpose of enriching People’s lives as well as the Economy” but unfortunately and thankfully they were out messaged by a “People Power” touting PNP – who never ensured “Fiscal Responsibility” just People centred Government.

The Times have rusted the machine of the JLP – especially the members themselves; looking at you Mike Henry – No longer can they be the party of “Big Man” in return expecting the “Big Man” to buy the “Little People’s” vote.

Resentment Anonymous or Eternal Rejection

We must recommend that the Jamaica Labour Party hierarchy seek the help of “Resentment Anonymous” and we call on the Jamaicans who have the country at heart that they join in this call, we need both sides of Parliament to function at maximum efficiency for any work to be done, stepping on the Gas and Breaks at the same time will get us nowhere.

It’s understandable the political gears are still turning and must be for that’s the nature of politics but once a Political leader decides to publicly announce a 4 year campaign to regain power then the wrench is thrown in, whoever wins the next election and others after the ultimate winners or loser are the Jamaican people with this logic in hand; the public is disappointed in the “youth-phoric” Andrew Holness for sticking to Old Political ways – the promise they held in him has been broken: Where is the Post-Independence Change?

The Jamaican Liberal Whistle expects that the Jamaica Labour Party will receive the “Anti-vote” in 2 more General and Local Government elections this means whether or the economy goes south or remains as is, the possibility of a Jamaica Labour Party with the intentions it has now will probably lose by landslides barring any major shifts in the Peoples National Party line up.

This “Rejection” must be taken seriously as they face a dark a future if a major Party is unelectable by even the lowest standard.