Thursday, 22 January 2015

#TruthBeToldThursday: #TivoliCOE

Truth be Told:  

We must complete the Tivoli Commission of Enquiry, at the any cost (cheapest possible cost included, of course) - It was nothing but a serious injustice that the state could have killed over 70 people within a single community and the masses of the population didn't decide in outrage to protest such a criminal act against our own people - then again - we all heard the whispers of some (not so nice) Jamaicans "yea man, killed them off", "a only badman live there".  Even as we call for the expected money of 350 million being budgeted to run the Commission off Enquiry in its entirety to be dispersed as compensation to the people of Tivoli Gardens, we must not be ignorant of the significance of getting to the truth and apply the expected recommendations as to not repeat the events of the past. We must not allow our apathy and contempt of the system/process rob us of our rights - the Jamaica Labour Party must own up to the cause and structure of this enquiry - it was the government lead by Bruce Golding that decided to carry-out the incursion and it was their decision not to be apart of the enquiry in its planning stages, so this flurry of concern over cost is a bit overdone. 

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