Sunday, 12 August 2012

The Sunday Scrub: Running with Ryan

Running with Ryan: Paul “Granny Killer” Ryan on the Romney Ticket   

All off Board, the train has already left for the RIGHT….

The ‘Neo-Con Right’ is seemingly more excited about Romney’s new extremely -RIGHT- hand man than Romney himself, the “veep stakes” came to burning halt as Romney revealed his ‘Younger, energetic, Inspired, more conservative, and we could go on” Vice President running mate for the November 2012 election against the Democrat incumbents: Pres. Obama and VP. Biden.  This election will most certainly be framed around Ryan’s “Social Security Killing” contrasting ideology with Obama’s so-called ‘diluted socialism’ because of the outstanding fact that Romney isn’t known for sticking to anyone ideological standard or anything for that matter (except money).

The Paul Ryan Plan has earned the ire of the Left minded (Progressives and Liberal alike) especially those under the age of 55 who will lose the benefits of Social Security as he intends to starve Medicaid and Medicare of funding as a one stop way of cutting the budget. The name “Granny Killer” came about from a political Ad from a Progressive Organization showing Ryan pushing an elderly lady in a wheelchair of a cliff to interpret what his Budget Plan meant for the those hoping for a secure retirement.

Romney, Trump, Adolf (an Newt backer)  and their ‘Billionaire Buddies’ will be rolling in capital gains no thought of starving grandma. The Paul Ryan Plan will reduce the tax rate on Capital Gains to virtually 0% for those living off the most anti-capitalist earnings (capitalist should earn their money, RIGHT?), this type of trickle-down economics devoured the surplus LEFT by Bill Clinton (W. Bush looking at you) without a doubt we should have expected this choice coming from Romney who rehired the Bush era economic team (hello, captain oblivious) on his election ticket following the worst economic disaster since the Great Depression and yet in the midst of its recovery (been undertaken by Obama) he has the audacity to keep them around.

The Romney team has chosen controversy and radicalism with Ryan over sensibility and stability with my personal fad John Huntsman (for the moderates, out there) the decision was laden with the scent of a diversion strategy; for the next few weeks and beyond the absent years of Romney’s Tax Filings will be off the tongues of the Liberal Media, the “Lame Stream” Media or the cunning FOX that will repeatedly call any attempt to have a rational discourse about the Republican nominee’s unfiled taxes a “distraction” from the issues; unfortunately for them the issues concerning the public deals with closing the loopholes and ending corruption (lest we forget, Occupy Wall St.).

The LEFT will be caught up in the Ryan Effect, moaning over his excessive RIGHTWING policies and the superb contrast from Mitt Willard Romney in every respect of the word. This though - be it a saving grace for Romney’s Taxes or the lack there of – will inversely by his doing turn this election as a contest between Barrack Obama, Mitt Romney and Paul ‘Granny Killer’ Ryan – a three way contest with Romney certainly bringing up the Flip-Flopping rear (for an abundance of  better words). The Republican voters will be 20% out to replace Obama, 30% out for Romney and 50% Ryan.

That doesn’t mean the Romney-Ryan Ticket is one to dismiss - by all means – the momentum will be on the side of the Republicans going into the following months, capturing the Ryan Energy is the aim of the RNC (Republican National Committee) then catapulting Republicans to a high especially within the Tea Party and college republicans (the few) quarters until the attacks begin to bore holes in their fabled “Titanic”.

My suggestion for Jamaican-Americans (Jamericans) who are deciding on whether to vote for Obama or stay home (because of his Gay Marriage stance), is to not vote for Obama because of his stance on a Anti-Jamaican issue but vote for Obama because he actually has a stance on record and was brave enough to publically take it, which is vastly unlike his ‘Nominated’ opponent yet to formally take an official stance –well except for- his bullying Prep schooldays.   


Politically Speaking

This Election may have the lowest turnout due to repeated unwavering (confessed) attempts by the republicans in districts to restrict voter turnout by the traditional democrat voters. They claim to be protecting the ballot from voter fraud by implementing regulations requiring voters to have photo I.D.’s that aren’t free and unnecessary for some citizens especially the elderly. This election will be crucial not only for the contrasting ideologies and economic plans but if the world will take 5 steps back regarding racial divide and how the regulations forcedly applied affect the constituency and voting groups across the nation that claims true freedom and equality for all United States of America.