Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Digicel Must Keep Automatic Topup Bonuses

If your a grandchild or mingle regularly with the elderly you might be asked occasionally to put on credit, check balance and messages or other task that are unfamiliar with the  technology.

While clearing the messages from my grandmother's phone I came across one of the many service messages from Digicel, this one said on January 1 users would have to dial the *147# code to claim their monthly bonus for first time topups.

Like any other concerned customer I immediately went to twitter to verfiy the message with the service provider and give feedback.

Digicel decision would have been acceptable if the bonus was claimable throughout the month and not expire on the 7th of every month, meaning you'll only have a week to claim the usually automatic monthly bonus.

Decision Biases Senior Citizens 

I know for fact that many customers especially the senior citizens like my grandmother look forward to and depenend on that monthly $100 bonus to make their calls to friends and family.

This desicion to make the process manual will no doubt go unnoticed by the more technologically challenged senior citizens, the ones who will be most affected.With a manual process comes an entire demographic will be disenfranchised and its no fault of their own.

 It should be appreciated that many of these senior citizens are assisted with their top-ups and person doing the top-up may not be aware of the changes or forget.

If they do decide to keep the new policy, they should consider implementing reminders to claim the bonus every time their customers add credit to their phones.

I know we aren't entitled to these bonuses and benefits but policies are to treat customers equally and be transparent; thats  just good business sense.

Digicel has been a responsible corporate citizen and Jamaica benefits from its continued success as a business and their success depends mainly on customer satisfaction.

This decision will no doubt fail the customer satisfaction test.