Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Loud and Clear: My Big Fat Government and Me

My Big Fat Government and Me

By Necessity We are Married to Our Governments and their Handouts

The deteriorating 2012 Presidential campaign of Gov. Mitt Romney once again hit a snag on his way to the now increasingly far off and distant occupation of the White House.  Mitt Romney fumbled over a 47% (forty-seven Percent) hurdle on his crash landing to earth this week, as he was caught on a hidden camera at a wealthy donor dinner, saying (off the cuff) that the “47% of Americans who don’t pay takes are Lazy Freeloaders” who he “will not pursue” because they’ve already chosen to vote for Obama because he touts “Government Handout’s” (beware of the Socialist). Mitt Romney the “car elevator guy” who goes “speeding boating” on Labour Day and thinks “Corporations are people too”, has single handily delivered  47% of the Population (that he has disfranchise from his Campaign completely) into the Ballot Boxes of Pres. Barack Obama.

Even some in his own party who have seen the future blowout in his stumble has labeled his comments as “Stupid” and “unbecoming of a Presidential Nominee”. But dogged Conservative media and their political counterparts (no difference) has gone on the attack claiming that hypocritical the attack of Obama sympathizer and supporters on Romney’s (47%) statement, because the Obama campaign has explicitly been targeting the “Welfare Crowd” with his devious talk of those who have built their fortunate (supposedly alone), should “Pay their Fair Share” and “Equal Opportunity” for all those who have the motivation and desire to climb the ladder of success no matter their economic background or race.  Those phrases hit home with many of those in the 47% of Americans who don’t pay taxes as The Atlantic Wire reports that  "18 percent of people who do not work at all, or make so little that they don't even pay payroll taxes. More than half of that group (10 percent of people) are retired and elderly people. They live off pensions or Social Security benefits, which are not taxed." 

(Tax Policy Center)

“It takes brass to criticize a man for doing something that you did” said Bill Clinton at the 2012 Democratic National Convention, responding to Paul Ryan’s claim of Obama raiding Medicare to pay for Obamacare, when in fact Ryan has proposed the same thing in his own budget Plan but it’s a steady trend in today’s Republican Party for them to oppose themselves in the name of countering Obama, hence Republicans cannot stipulate that Obama be more a 100% President when they have been the 2% Party; frolicking with Billionaires, Advocating for more loopholes and lower taxes for their Friends at the Top can go even higher and leave everyone else to hope that pieces of the ”Roof of Success” falls so we may also begin to build.

The Jamaican Revolution

Linking the this U.S. Presidential Election development to the Jamaican politico-sphere, with temperatures still a bit high over the allocation of the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) expenditures in Damion Crawford’s constituency being “too focused” on Education as a Long term development strategy. The usage of the Pork Barrel as the CDF has become known as, reflects a Member of Parliaments resourcefulness and inclusiveness as he contends with the issues dealt to him by almost every underprivileged and deprived constituent that seeks an extra “Handout” to go with his Food Stamps, Programme for Advancement Through Health and Education (PATHE) allowances and other welfare programme.

The Peoples National Party released a list of CDFexpenditure on Education by MP’s in their Constituency and Damion Crawford’sexpenditure on education was at 58%, only in the bottom 6 of  a 42 majority Government, it was to repel notions that the Peoples National Party’s political representative and supporters have been bogged down in deep “Politics of Poverty” and that supporters and occasionally reps. are denied “Handout’s” they go into a state of rage and retaliation because “Government Dependence” at least that’s what Andrew Holness and his band of Capitalist Cadets at the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP)  are trying to sell the lesser informed public and big business interest.

What about the Single Mother of 2 (two) who earns enough for one of her child’s education, PATHE hardly covers the other, Dinner is Tea and Crackers in the dark because she can’t afford her $1000 electricity Bill and needs something extra for other amenities? Is helping this woman, Mr. Holness, Poverty Politics?

Andrew Holness and the JLP like Mitt Romney and the Republican Party have shout their eyes, covered their ears while chanting “la-la-la”, every time the non aligned “middle class”, “better off” and “privileged”  portion of the population try and speak to them through the Media or Elections (chose of Ideology) that “Big Fat Government” isn’t the problem but “Big Fat Lazy Rich Politicians”, that they don’t have a problem with Government assistance done correctly and sustainably, that Government isn’t always the Problem or the Solution, that not everyone is fortunate enough to even have the chance to attend school much less become a former Governor or a former Prime Minister.

Most of us begin life in a Public Health Facility or to a Government paid Mid-wife in a home or church, attended Public Schools and most of us will be buried in a Public Cemetery and the cycle continues with our children and their children. We are essentially married to our Government not only in taxes and Debt owed per person but in that we have a responsibility to keep the marriage viable and alive for future generations of unlucky masses to be born in poverty and impoverished situations to have the opportunity to live with dignity, pride and self worth whether or not they are economically successful in life.