Sunday, 9 September 2012

The Sunday Sound Off : Politically Divided We Must Stand

Politically Divided We Must Stand

 The Generation of Ideology and Acquiescence 

SOUNDing OFF: From a Liberal Socialist standpoint "Jamaica's Politics needs Ideology and Acquiesce (reluctant agreement)" within its Political Framework. Although last election in Dec 2011, we confirmed that Jamaica is "REALLY Red Socialist Country" or an Orange one in this case. The Observer (Labourite Central) sounded: PNP Country as they reported the Electoral results that the Portia Simpson-Miller Led Peoples National Party was overly victorious.

The USA had almost 230 years to perfect the Union: Politically, Economically, Socially and Spiritually (for the believers). The reason they have succeeded (somewhat) is their ability to be open, diverse and sharply contrasting views on policies and issues that affect the nation, almost every voice is represented at some level in the discussion be them the 1% or the 99%, Pro-choice, Pro-Life, LGBT, Christians, Muslim, etc.

But Compromise is key in a Democracy that has sharp contrasting Ideologies but Democratic Bill Clinton and Republican Newt Gingrich somehow understood that and worked together to Balance the USA Budget and Lower the Deficit after years of economic neglect under Bush 41 by raising Taxes and cut spending - Clinton lost his Liberal cred for "Dont Ask, Don Tell" (DADT) - repealed by Obama - and "Defence of Marriage Act" (DOMA) - weaken by Obama stance on Marriage Equality - "The Clinton Triangulation"  .

Although Ideologues and career politicians can cause hiccups with "Politicking and Stalemates" (Poll Hounds), the outcome of these "Stalemates" depend on 3 things -One side winning or losing, Compromise or both sides losing (in that case the Nation Loses) - If One side wins or loses, there will be an imbalance of sorts within that policy maybe its a Tax policy crafted for "Trickle Down" without poverty relief/welfare (vice-a-versa) but the ground leveled at the foot of "Compromise".

Most Jamaican politicians aren't ideologically driven in any matter, they are "Power Hawks", frankly borderline "Hypocritical", the need and political impulse to get into Jamaica House trumps any desire to be faithful to any ideology or belief that may cause said desire of Power to be dashed. We bare witness every Budget Debockle ( I mean Debate): When its time to stand and face the population of unemployed and hungry party loyal's who elected them, when its time to prove that they are watching out for you the people and not the International Monetary Fund (IMF), when its time to garner strength from their Ideological background to create a balanced approach to Nation Building instead of Tax Baby Tax or Cut Mother Cut (like a single parent Austerity family).

There's less trust placed in "Power Hawks" than normal Ideologically framed politicians (if there is such a thing) because of  their consistency relating to Economic Policy, Social Issues and other critical concerns voters may relay on to make the choice at the ballot box; an individual feels secure knowing that there is someone of the same persuasion watching out for them in the "Politicosphere".
Micheal Manley(The Social Bill Clinton of the Peoples National Party), no matter what you think of him, was someone Jamaicans trusted in; he ran and won on "Giving Power to The People" (remarkably similar to Portia's "People Power") and "Better Must Come". Micheal Manley reforms were Democratic Socialism to say the least, Policy after Policy his direction for the Nation was clear, "People Centered Society" and "Big Government" (as Conservatives would say) some of these Policies included: See full list at

Micheal Manley has been called an "Economic Failure" and blamed for the Decimation of the Jamaican Economy by trampling on "Private Enterprise" and indulged in "Incorrect Spending" that drove the debt up and pushed growth down. The SOUND  truth is that he wasn't a Economic Master, no Politician or Economist is; but he was a Solid Foundation and a Hero for Social Equality and Justice that is his Legacy, Presidents and Prime Ministers told him to abandoned his socialist trek and he didn't yield until he saw the need for "Compromise" and "inclusion" when the flaws and holes within his Socialist Policy Framework appeared and he toned down his socialism to allow some sense of Private Sector Inclusion.

The 1970s - 80s, Jamaica is seemingly only shrouded in Political upheaval and all other definitions of the period will not be entertained by the lopsided history buffs. Yet, we should be propelled to remember the worst period in Jamaican history as the one of the most productive (policy wise) taking into consideration that the Economic policies of the following Jamaica Labour Party Government were a radical swing from socialism to severe conservative capitalism that rose the GDP as high as 7%. 

Bill Clinton and Micheal Manley (Economic Hero and Social Hero resp.) both historically relevant men who were sent into politically, economically and socially hard times as leaders of 2 nations filled with hope and human resilience, they took separate paths and had different results, results that debunks the myth that a non-partisan or bi-partisan two party political system is the only way to ensure the stability of a Nation but in fact 'a consistent Ideology and slight Acquiescence' is all we need to RISE above "Stand for Nothing", "We cant do anything about it", "Stay home, its raining", "IMF is Lord and Master", "World Bank Dedicatory" and "The Polls say" type of Politics. 


Politically Speaking

- Folks I told you to watch out for this Political Interest story on MP Damion Crawford, has he is still refusing to give Constituency Development Fund (C.D.F)  handouts (eat a food politics) to his constituency, holding firm to his stance that Long term investments in Education and Health will make the difference within his constituency. We will have to see how the Peoples National Party reacts to the Political Revolution that is taking place.